Friday, June 26, 2009

No basis for Gov. Strickland's "disingenuous" library comments?

Apparently it's OK for the governor to go Cincinnati's 700-AM WLW radio station and call libraries disingenuous, manipulative, and dishonest, even if there's no basis for what he is saying. And when he's called on it, his staff can be rude about it. That's all OK.

Fred Baerkircher, head of Adult Public Services at Twinsburg Public Library, posted this on and Gov. Strickland's Facebook page:

"The governor on the radio made mention of a library giving a July 1 due date as a scare tactic to raise awareness of this issue. I’ve e-mailed asking what library it was, with no response. I’ve left phone messages, with no response. I’ve now talked to three different staffers at the governor’s office. One said he would get back to me with an answer, but has not. One just hung up on me. Another said she’d find a supervisor who knew. That turned out to be the gentleman who hung up on me, and he promptly did so again.

"This has every appearance of being a dis-information campaign on the part of Gov. Strickland. He has portrayed libraries as being disingenuous regarding the weight of these cuts and using scare tactics to sway the public. Given the inability to name a single library giving these short due dates the governor mentioned, I am left to conclude this was simple slander. The media has repeated Strickland’s assertion that libraries have engaged in fear tactics. I feel they should now pick up on the story that was a slanderous fabrication."

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds like someone doesn't like to be questioned. Were Gov. Strickland's comments based in truth? Perhaps. But since he hasn't named any library that's done it what he claims (which is telling people checking out items that they have to bring them back by July 1 because the library might be closed for good then) and since his staff feels it can just slam the phone down on people who question this, perhaps we'll believe the alternative.

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